About Lynda Sloan Allen

A short(ish) story about how I came to create the Empowered Parent Experience…

“Since I was a pre-teen, I have heard the call to “make a difference”
in the lives of individuals who were “different”; like the way I felt different.
This created the path that I have followed to this day.”

Two beliefs guide me with what I believe to be my Life Purpose work:

  1. Everyone…every one of us…learns uniquely and differently.
  2. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for lifetime.” Lao Tzu

After 5 decades of helping others…individuals of all ages and abilities…develop their unique style of self-empowerment…I realized there needed to be a transformational change in the way we perceive, care for, and educate people who Learn Differently, around the world. And…if it was to be, it was up to Me!

From 2010-2023, I focused all my energy as a Tutor/Academic Coach/Learning Specialist at my Make Your Mark in Life Learning Center. In general, I offered a unique style of empowerment to students, (and their parents, if wanted), to help them achieve their desired academic goals.

Specifically, I provided:

  • individualized instruction and support to struggling students using mostly creative/alternative vs. traditional learning and multisensory teaching strategies;
  • cognitive remedial training, memory improvement techniques, self-confidence, metacognition and focusing methods (executive functions);
  • reading, writing and math remediation as well as strategies for academic success in most subject areas, for students of all ages, that includes homework, study and test-taking strategies;
  • unique strategies to help students succeed on standardized and college-entrance exams;
  • plus, working collaboratively with teachers and other professionals in the community to develop individualized educational/academic plans with necessary accommodations, and methods for personal growth and self-advocacy skills.

“At Make Your Mark, Lynda’s ability to teach to a student’s strength and
her enthusiasm for teaching and learning has served both her and her students well.”

More about Lynda’s Educational & Professional Background…

Lynda earned both Master and Bachelor of Education degrees, in Elementary and Exceptional Student Education, from the University of Miami (1973-1977). She has been a teacher (in some capacity) for five decades and has extensive experience working with students of all ages and all abilities. In fact, she has been doing so since the age of 12.

Most of Lynda’s work has been within non-profit organizations; working with most populations and serving in most every kind of capacity. Originally trained as a special education teacher, Lynda went on to learn a variety of skills as needed for the different organizations she became involved with. For years, she spent her time consulting in the areas of public relations, marketing, project and special event planning, fundraising/grant writing and program development for nonprofits, and even some profit businesses. Lynda is known for her motivational training skills and her talent for helping individuals “personally grow” and helping nonprofit/profit businesses “develop and prosper”. She also makes time to volunteer in the community for a number of organizations and initiatives.

Lynda has helped others grow personally and professionally by providing life coaching and spiritual counseling. She is licensed as a Certified Prevention Professional (C.P.P.) and was an affiliate and trainer with NET Institute; a center for addiction and recovery education. In addition, she is an Ordained Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love; an International Interfaith Ministry.