Make Your Mark in Life is always changing, developing and growing.

Still helping every student Make their Mark!

For those of you who are just learning about Make Your Mark, this business was actually started in January of 2000 and was in two other locations until April of 2013 when my hubby and I found a building of our own just blocks away from Vero Beach High School. In 2022, as Lynda became the only tutor, it was time for another business to enjoy our wonderfully redesigned building. For the past 2 years, MYMIL lived two blocks away. Alas, it is time to be “office-less” as Lynda focuses more on the new Empowered Parents Experience.

The Good News is: Make Your Mark in Life will remain as the most unique tutoring center. Lynda will continue to work only one-to-one, engaging the “whole” student, providing individualized academic instruction in most every subject, coupled with specialized techniques to develop each child’s learning style and cognitive (brain) skills. Lynda will continue to encourage, support and empower the parents of her students in every way possible. And, as a Learning Specialist/Tutor, Lynda will continue her specialized work with students with learning challenges, who learn differently or have diagnosed learning disabilities, and students with special learning needs.

Lynda works with students of all ages (pre-K to adult). Tutoring requests are most often for reading and math, study and test-taking, new grade readiness, and test prep for all standardized tests; including but not limited to the FSA’s, EOC’s, PERT, SAT and ACT. Students typically meet one time a week for about one hour, with the exception of students prepping for SAT/ACT where we meet for two hours. Tutoring is offered for only as long as the student and/or the parent(s) wishes or needs. Hours are flexible, there are never any contracts, rates are very affordable, and “going above and beyond” is a promise.

In addition to tutoring, Lynda has expanded the learning support services she offers to families. If you, as a parent, are not sure about what your child needs in order to do better in school ~ you just know that something more is needed because he/she is struggling ~ Lynda’s Informal & Fun Student Evaluation will tell you all you need to know. If you believe that your child should be able to get more support from their school, but you don’t know how or even what to ask for, Lynda will be with you through the process of getting an Education Plan. If you have a child with unique special needs, and you have been through so much over the years and you do not know where to turn next, Lynda can help develop your son or daughter’s Success Strategies Action Plan.


Miracle Worker Boosts Kids Performance

Lynda Sloan-Allen’s whole life led up to the job she is doing now, helping children she calls “learning different” find success in school and life.

Her tutoring and test-prep business, Make Your Mark in Life on Beachland Blvd., caters to a range of students from preschool children to adults returning to academia after years away. But kids struggling to learn and do well in elementary, middle and high school are her special focus.

The business was founded as Make Your Mark Learning Center on Royal Palm Pointe in 2000 by Vero Beach educators Jonathan and Michelle Sternberg. Allen joined the company as a tutor and manager in 2007 and bought the business in January 2010.

Since she took over, the test-prep side has diminished while tutoring of special needs children has increased.

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