How Parents Can Help

How Parents Can Help With Homework

by LD Online

  1. Show an interest in your child’s homework. Inquire about the subjects and the work to be done. Ask questions that require answers longer than one or two words.
  2. Help your child organize homework materials before beginning.
  3. Establish a regular time with your child to do homework-developing a schedule helps avoid procrastination.
  4. Find a specific place for your child to do homework that has lots of light, quiet, and plenty of work space.
  5. Encourage your child to ask questions and search for answers, taking the time to figure out correct answers.
  6. Make sure your child backs up answers with facts and evidence.
  7. Practice school-taught skills at home.
  8. Relate homework to your child’s everyday life. For instance, teach fractions and measurements as you prepare a favorite food together.
  9. Be a role model-take the opportunity to read a book or newspaper or write a letter while your child studies.
  10. Praise your child for both the small steps and big leaps in the right direction.