My Learning Specialist Services

Parents: I Can Help You Help your Child in School!


If you know your child needs in-person tutoring ~ my services will include the following:

  • Initial Intro Session to identify student strengths, challenges, goals and action plan.
  • One-to-one sessions, hour-long, same time weekly, for as long as needed or desired.
  • Most academic subjects tutored helping with comprehension, homework, projects.
  • Plus success tools and strategies: studying, test-taking, organization, critical thinking.
  • Specialized skill development: cognitive/executive function, social, metacognition

Cost: $60 per session


If you know your child is having difficulty in school ~ and you need help in getting the school to provide additional support ~ my services (in-person or online) will include the following:

  • Initial Intro Session to learn history of school experiences including: student strengths and challenges, past and current grades, standardized test scores, examples of school work, specific struggles, and assistance/accommodations you believe are necessary, if known. (NOTE: Depending on the age/situation, this may be a discussion with the parent(s) only.)
  • Once the information is presented and discussed, the plan for meeting with the necessary school personnel will be determined, and the parent will organize the meeting.
  • I will attend the meeting (in-person or by phone) along with the parent(s), and the student, if we decide it is appropriate for the student to attend.

Cost: $60 per session


If your child is having significant challenges in school ~ and educational evaluations (of any kind) are suggested to you ~ my services (in-person or online) will include the following:

  • An Initial Session with the parent(s) alone (not including the student) to learn the reasons for the suggested evaluations including learning about:
  • Who made the suggestions for the evaluations, what type of evaluations were recommended, were any referrals made, and were fees quoted?
  • Current student school experiences: strengths and challenges, past and current grades, standardized test scores, examples of school work, specific struggles, and assistance/accommodations you believe are necessary, if known.
  • Future student goals and desires: career choices, post-secondary education, special gifts, talents and aptitudes.
  • Any and all assistance provided by teachers, student support specialists, school programs, as well as any formal school meetings that have taken place for Remediation through Intervention (RTI), an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP), a Support Plan (504), or and Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Important question: Did the school offer to provide these educational evaluations at no cost?
  • Based on this information, I will be able to offer a professional opinion about what evaluations are needed and how they will be used to assist your child.
  • I will explore with you the potential of having the school district provide the necessary evaluations at no cost to you.
  • I will offer ideas for how to find the best provider, the typical fees for services, as well as ways to obtain these services at a reduced cost.

Cost: $60 per session


If you are not sure what your K-6th grade child needs ~ and this whole situation is pretty new to you ~ my in-person services will include the following:

  • An eye-opening Student Skills Evaluation that is an informal, fun experience ~ with many interactive activities that students love ~ for parent and student to:
  • Learn more about how we all learn by using our “computer brain”.
  • Become aware of the student’s learning style or the ways he/she learns best.
  • Gain clarity about the student’s learning strengths and challenges/differences.
  • Get questions answered and concerns addressed about learning disabilities.
  • Identification of specific student goals for school and home.
  • Receive a clearly-written plan describing individualized strategies to reach the identified student goals, to be shared with teacher(s).

Cost: $100 per evaluation


If you are not sure what your any-age child needs ~ and you’ve been through so much over the years ~ and really need guidance and support for what to do to get the help your child needs ~ my in-person or online services will include the following:

  • A free 30-minute call with me to determine if my Student Success Consult is exactly what you need and want.
  • Meet in-person or online to share/discuss:
  • The “whole story” about your child.
  • Concerns, problems, wishes, dreams and goals.
  • All you are doing, tried, or completed ~ related to the above ~ and the results.
  • Any additional limitations or hinderances.
  • Specific opportunities you want for your child.
  • Receive a clearly-written and implementable Student Success Action Plan describing individualized strategies to reach the identified student goals.

Cost: $150 per consult


If you have a child of any age with special needs ~ and you want some guidance and support for how and where to obtain the therapies and services he/she needs ~ my in-person and online services can include any of the following:

Special Tutorial Services:

  • In-person, individualized support for students of any age, (preschool – adult), that focuses on development of: academic skills for daily living, cognitive and executive function skills, language, communication and social thinking skills, and independent living activities.
  • Online coaching to help find, train or guide a Tutor to provide a personalized version of my Special Tutorial Services.

Educational Consulting Services (in-person or online):

By-your-Side for School Support: For students with special needs vs. the “typical” student, there are many more educational and therapeutic services available through the public schools. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for parents and they need guidance/support to help make sure that their child is in the right classroom, receiving all eligible public school services, and getting the accommodations noted in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). My services include: planning for meetings, communications with teachers, attendance at meetings.

Creating and Nurturing a Team: Most students with special needs will benefit from additional ‘outside-of-school’ therapies and activities to assist their learning and life goals attainment. The mere coordination of all these “pieces of the puzzle” can be overwhelming for any parent. Many families create and nurture a Team for their child to reach their greatest successes. My services include: creating a written Success Plan, helping to identify/invite members for the Team, guidelines for Team connections/meetings and care/maintenance of your Team.

Life Coaching Services (in-person or online):

  • Life Coaching is a lot like sports coaching as it is individualized, motivating, skill-building, and empowering. Individuals with special needs ~ usually older teens to adults ~ can benefit from a personal coach to help them identify the path to their dreams and goals.
  • Life Coaching can be empowering and supportive as they move toward a more independent lifestyle, work through a project, develop a specific set of skills, or learn to overcome a challenge.
  • Life Coaching can support the family of the special needs child as well, by being able to merge the dreams and goals of the individual with those of the family…thus, creating a plan that meets everyone’s wishes.
  • Life Coaching usually takes place weekly or bi-weekly because…BIG plans take time!

Please note: If you do not have any questions about educational evaluations but would like a referral, please read about Dr. Feist, our inhouse psychologist.

Unlimited Community and Online Resources for Special Needs

Parenting Special Needs Magazine: Chantai & Tom Snellgrove (residents of Indian River County, FL) created this very special online magazine in 2008. Today, this publication has developed into the most inspiring and comprehensive audio-visual library of outstanding resources; providing the latest and greatest information needed by all who are parenting children with special needs.